Stucco Over DensGlass Guide (Enhance Your Home’s Exterior)


DensGlass sheathing is popular because of its impressive strength and superior weather protection. And, it can be finished with a wide range of materials including brick, wood, and vinyl siding. But can you stucco over DensGlass? Of late, a lot of homeowners are returning to stucco because it’s durable and quite attractive. So, if you … Read more

Henry 549 Vs. 547 (Detailed Comparison Guide)

Henry 549

When it comes to patching compounds, WW Henry stands out as one of the leading manufacturers in the market. Their underlayments and floor adhesives are known to be of the highest quality. If you have an upcoming project that requires you to fill holes and cracks on your floor or you’re interested in leveling it … Read more

Troubleshooting Cement Board Stucco (7 Problems To Avoid)

PermaBase Cement Board

A cement board and stucco combo creates an aesthetically appealing, moisture and impact-resistant system. Compared to other stucco substrates, cement board simplifies the installation process and it’s one of the reasons why a lot of people are turning towards this combination. However, apart from the many benefits associated with cement board stucco, there have been … Read more

7 BEHR MARQUEE Paint Problems To Watch Out For


The MARQUEE line from BEHR stands out be one of the best paints in the market. Available for both interior and exterior surfaces, the BEHR MARQUEE boasts an advanced formula that delivers beautiful and durable finishes. It’s available in more than 1,000 colors and the best part is that it’s advertised as a one-coat formula. … Read more

Applying EIFS On Metal Studs (Comprehensive Guide)


Known in full as Exterior Insulation Finishing System, EIFS is a type of cladding that offers unrivaled energy efficiency. It’s quite durable and once installed it leaves behind a decorative finish. EIFS is also versatile. That is, you can apply it to various construction materials ranging from brick to pre-cast panels. However, can you use EIFS … Read more

Forgot To Tape Drywall Joint? (Here’s What To Do)

Drywall joint

Whenever you’re mudding drywall joints, you must use drywall tape. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of fiberglass mesh tape or paper tape. But as long as you do use tape, you’re assured of smooth-looking joints that will hold up for decades. However, because we are human beings, it’s normal for us to make … Read more

Brown Caulk Around Your Toilet? (Here’s What To Do)

Toilet bowl

We can all agree that caulking around the toilet floor comes with many benefits. Not only does caulk secure the toilet to the floor, but it also seals the gap around the base thus improving the aesthetics. However, like all other projects, there are a few things that may go wrong with caulking around the … Read more

Enhance Your Garage Floor With Flex Seal (Detailed Guide)

Flex Seal

Flex Seal is a special type of sealant that has lots of unique properties. It’s thicker than regular paint and as a result, it can do a great job at sealing surfaces from moisture, air, and water. Flex Seal is also quite versatile. You can use it on roofs, awnings, and windowsills, amongst others. But … Read more