Nudura Vs. Fox Blocks (In-Depth Comparison Guide)


Compared to traditional building systems, ICF walls come with more benefits. Not only do they guarantee extreme energy efficiency, but ICF blocks are also easier to install and more resilient to the elements. If you have made up your mind that you want to build your home using an insulated concrete form, some of the … Read more

Stucco Over CMU Walls (Benefits, Risks, And Application Tips)

Concrete Masonry Units

CMU is an abbreviation for concrete masonry units. It’s commonly known as cinder block, concrete block, and other names amongst contractors. CMU refers to a standard-sized rectangular block that is used for construction. It’s usually made out of Portland cement, water, and fillers. If you are interested in building your residential or commercial property with CMU, … Read more

Concrete Sealer Still Sticky? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Concrete Sealer

Sealers do a good job of protecting concrete surfaces from wear. They also enhance slip resistance while making the concrete easier to clean. Due to these benefits, sealers are a must-use in every concrete project. When applying a concrete sealer, there are a few things that can go wrong. For instance, the sealer may remain sticky even … Read more

Sealing Around PVC Pipe Through Concrete (A How-To Guide)

PVC pipe passing through concrete wall

There are many ways you can seal around PVC pipes. You can use epoxy, fiberglass resin tape, silicone, and rubber tape. It’s a pretty easy process. But what about PVC pipes that are passing through concrete? The fact that these pipes are covered makes it more difficult to access them. The good news, however, is … Read more

Accidentally Used Mortar Instead Of Grout (What To Do?)

Tiling the Wall

One of the common mistakes that occur during tile installation is accidentally using mortar instead of grout. It’s very easy for one to confuse a bag of grout for mortar, especially if you are not an experienced tiler. If you have found yourself in such a situation, there is no need to lose your mind. … Read more

Stone To Siding Transition (Detailed Guide)

Stone and siding exterior

Using both stone and siding as exterior building materials isn’t something we see every day. But that doesn’t mean such a design can’t enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. A stone and siding design can create contrast and make your home’s exterior stand out. However, if you are considering such a design, you need … Read more

Can You Crimp Uponor PEX? (Detailed Answer)

Uponor PEX

Uponor is the leading manufacturer of PEX. This brand stands out for making durable and highly-flexible PEX piping that can be used for water distribution in both commercial and residential properties. Whether you are a plumber or a DIY enthusiast who is considering transitioning from traditional plumbing to PEX, one of the questions you may … Read more

PVA Primer On Painted Walls (Everything You Need To Know)

PVA primer

PVA (polyvinyl acetate) primer is mainly used on unpainted drywall. Unlike other primers, PVA seals the pores on drywall which makes painting easier. It contains an adhesive that allows the paint to stick perfectly to drywall. PVA primer has many unique features and uses. But can you apply it over painted walls? That’s what we are going … Read more

Prodex Vs. Reflectix (Detailed Comparison Guide)


These two brands of insulation are thinner and lighter which makes them stand out compared to the likes of rigid foam, fiberglass, and mineral wool. If you are shopping for insulation, there are many reasons why you may consider either Prodex or Reflectix. Both have incredibly high R-values and are super easy to install. However, … Read more