Henry 549 Vs. 547 (Detailed Comparison Guide)

Henry 549

When it comes to patching compounds, WW Henry stands out as one of the leading manufacturers in the market. Their underlayments and floor adhesives are known to be of the highest quality. If you have an upcoming project that requires you to fill holes and cracks on your floor or you’re interested in leveling it … Read more

DITRA Heat Cable Too Long (Here’s What To Do)

DITRA heat cable

Every homeowner dreams of having a heated floor. The comfort that comes with such a setup is unrivaled. If you have finally decided to install a heated floor, you’ll need three main items; a Ditra mat, a thermostat, and a heating cable. The former two items are pretty straightforward. However, when it comes to the … Read more

Glue Seeping Through Vinyl Floor (Causes & Solutions)

Vinyl floor

For decades, vinyl floors have been a popular option for many homeowners. Unlike other flooring materials, vinyl is durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. Vinyl floors are also available in a wide range of designs. The process of installing a vinyl floor is relatively easy. However, you may encounter a couple of challenges. For instance, you … Read more

DryGuard Vs. AdvanTech (Compared)


A few years ago, builders and contractors didn’t have many choices when choosing a subfloor material. It was either plywood or OSB. However, fast forward to the 21st century. We have advanced panels that, when installed as subfloors, can resist swelling, and you won’t hear a single squeak. DryGuard and AdvanTech are examples of these … Read more

Self-Leveling Compound Not Flat (Causes & How to Fix?)

Floor leveling. Filling the floor with a self-leveling compound

If you need to smoothen, repair, or raise a surface, a self-leveling compound is an excellent choice. The self-leveling compound is an easy-flowing polymer-modified cement often used to create a level and smooth surface. When poured on a surface, you only need to spread it with a gauge rake, and it will flow and level itself. It … Read more

Gypcrete Repair In A Condo (Detailed Guide)

Modern condo buildings

Gypcrete is a popular sub-flooring option in condos because it’s fire-resistant and soundproof. Unlike concrete floors, it’s lighter and easier to install. These are more reasons why it’s commonly used in condos and apartments. However, as beneficial as a gypcrete subfloor is, it is vulnerable to cracking and other types of damage. If you are currently dealing … Read more