Nudura Vs. Fox Blocks (In-Depth Comparison Guide)


Compared to traditional building systems, ICF walls come with more benefits. Not only do they guarantee extreme energy efficiency, but ICF blocks are also easier to install and more resilient to the elements. If you have made up your mind that you want to build your home using an insulated concrete form, some of the … Read more

Concrete Sealer Still Sticky? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Concrete Sealer

Sealers do a good job of protecting concrete surfaces from wear. They also enhance slip resistance while making the concrete easier to clean. Due to these benefits, sealers are a must-use in every concrete project. When applying a concrete sealer, there are a few things that can go wrong. For instance, the sealer may remain sticky even … Read more

Prodex Vs. Reflectix (Detailed Comparison Guide)


These two brands of insulation are thinner and lighter which makes them stand out compared to the likes of rigid foam, fiberglass, and mineral wool. If you are shopping for insulation, there are many reasons why you may consider either Prodex or Reflectix. Both have incredibly high R-values and are super easy to install. However, … Read more

Drywall Mud Not Drying (A Detailed Guide)

Joint Compound

Also known as joint compound, drywall mud is expected to dry within 12 to 24 hours. Some quick-setting formulas have a shorter drying duration of 5 to 90 minutes. If you have applied drywall mud and it’s still wet after 24 hours, then there is something wrong that needs to be addressed asap. In today’s article, … Read more

KILZ Primer Over Mastic (Is It Recommended?)

KILZ primer

Considering the many uses mastic has in construction, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find it on your walls or floors. Whether it’s the regular mastic or the black type, which contains asbestos, you are probably eager to cover it up. As you may already know, primers are very good at sealing surfaces. And even though there … Read more

Taping With Hot Mud (A Comprehensive Installation Guide)

Easy Sand 20 joint compound

In any drywall installation job, you need mud or joint compound to finish corners and joints. Drywall mud can also be used to fill holes and repair cracks. There are different types of drywall mud. But today our main focus will be on the quick-setting compound, which is also known as hot mud. It’s called hot … Read more

Mortar Not Sticking To Stone (Common Causes And Effective Solutions)

Stone wall

In any construction project that involves stone installation, mortar is a crucial material. Mortar binds pieces of stone together while creating a soft and even bed for different layers. It is also used to plaster and enhance the general appearance of a stone wall structure. Applying mortar to stone is a relatively easy process. You only need … Read more

Drywall Tapered Edge To Non-Tapered Edge (Detailed Guide)

Piled sheets of drywall

If there were no joints created, installing drywall would be the easiest job on the planet. However, no matter how big your drywall sheets are, you must deal with joints or seams. The ideal drywall joint is one where two tapered edges are connected. This makes it easier for you to fill and smoothen the … Read more

5 Common Mesh Drywall Tape Problems (Explained)

Mesh drywall tape

Mesh tape is a must-have material when installing drywall. It is used to join pieces of drywall. Mesh drywall tape can be applied on corners, seams, and joints to reinforce and stabilize the bond between the pieces. As useful as this material is, like all other construction products, mesh drywall tape does have its fair share of … Read more

6 ECO Prim Grip Alternatives (Explained)

ECO Prim Grip

ECO Prim Grip is a remarkable multipurpose bond-promoting primer. The main use of ECO Prim Grip is to promote the adhesion of renders, adhesives, and leveling compounds on floors and walls. It is sold in a ready-to-use package and is easy to apply using a roller brush. It also has low VOCs and can be used … Read more

Is DensShield Good For Showers? (Solved)


Whether DensShield can be used in a shower has been a hot topic of debate for years amongst both expert and DIY builders. Some believe that because it’s made out of gypsum, it’s not the ideal material to use in a shower because of moisture exposure. Then another group prefers to use DensShield in showers … Read more

ARDEX 8+9 Over Kerdi (Is It Recommended?)


When building a shower, steam room, or anything else that will be constantly exposed to moisture, you have to be careful when waterproofing the walls and floors. In such a setup, there is a considerable risk of water seeping through the walls and floors, thus damaging other materials such as sheathing. In an attempt to … Read more