Loctite PL Premium Adhesives: 3X Or 8X? Compare & Decide

Loctite PL Premium 3X

Loctite is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of construction adhesives. Their products are known to offer unrivaled bonding strength and durability. There are two main contenders when it comes to Loctite’s construction adhesives: Loctite PL Premium 3X and Loctite PL Premium 8X. If you’re finding it hard to choose between these two, in this … Read more

Trim-A-Slab Vs. SlabGasket: Head-To-Head Comparison


There are some sidewalks and driveways that have wooden expansion joints. These exist solely to help the concrete expand and contract without cracking. However, wooden expansion joints aren’t very durable. With time, they will rot and you may notice weeds growing inside that gap. If the expansion joints in your sidewalk or driveway are rotten … Read more

DensDeck Vs. DensGlass (In-Depth Comparison)


Just because DensDeck and DensGlass both have a gypsum core, a fiberglass mat facing and are made by one company, that doesn’t mean they are the same. Understandably, a lot of DIY folk and even some professional builders can’t tell the difference between DensDeck and DensGlass. But that’s about to change! In the detailed review … Read more

5 Quikwall Alternatives To Consider


Quikwall is increasingly becoming popular amongst builders due to its unique properties. First of all, it’s very easy to use, it creates a strong bond between concrete blocks and the finish is quite attractive. One of the main features of Quikwall that attracts most people to it is that it can be used without mortar. That translates … Read more

Bondo For Concrete Cracks (A Comprehensive Guide)


Cracks in concrete are inevitable. No matter how careful you are, cracks will always develop on concrete surfaces. What you can do is learn how to repair these cracks, whenever they occur. Now, Bondo is mostly associated with automotive repairs. But did you know that it can also be used on other materials like wood, aluminum, … Read more

KILZ Primer Over Mastic (Is It Recommended?)

KILZ primer

Considering the many uses mastic has in construction, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find it on your walls or floors. Whether it’s the regular mastic or the black type, which contains asbestos, you are probably eager to cover it up. As you may already know, primers are very good at sealing surfaces. And even though there … Read more

Mortar Not Sticking To Stone (Common Causes And Effective Solutions)

Stone wall

In any construction project that involves stone installation, mortar is a crucial material. Mortar binds pieces of stone together while creating a soft and even bed for different layers. It is also used to plaster and enhance the general appearance of a stone wall structure. Applying mortar to stone is a relatively easy process. You only need … Read more