Can You Put Hydro Ban Over Kerdi? (Explained)

Hydro Ban

When constructing or renovating a shower, kitchen, or any room that will be exposed to a lot of moisture, expect to deal with a lot of waterproofing products. Waterproofing is necessary as it ensures the water or moisture doesn’t seep through the walls and floor, damaging structures and leading to mold growth. Some of the … Read more

Can You Put RedGard Over Kerdi Seams? (Explained)

Kerdi board

When setting up a shower or bathtub, you must be 100% sure there won’t be leaks. Some of the products you can use to waterproof your shower system are RedGard and Kerdi. These two are different systems that should be used separately. You either use Kerdi or RedGard to waterproof your shower. And the good … Read more

Can You Use Redgard Over Dry Pack? (Answered)

dry pack

Dry pack mortar goes by many names, such as floor or deck mud. It is a mixture of sand and Portland cement hydrated with water. Dry pack has many uses, such as fixing repair cracks, filling holes, and any typical repair of small areas which are mostly deeper than wider. Using a dry pack comes … Read more

Versabond Vs. Mapei (Compared)


If you thought choosing tiles for your project was hard, wait until you get to the thinset. There are several thinset brands in the market. Each company promises an unrivaled bonding strength and ease of use. But the truth is, these thinset brands are all formulated differently. Considering that thinset plays a crucial role in … Read more

Can Drywall Mud Go Down The Drain? (Solved)

drywall mud

You shouldn’t flush drywall mud down the drain since it can settle in the pipes and clog the drain line. Even though some of you may be used to washing your drywall tools on the sink and have never encountered any issues, this isn’t recommended. The best place for you to clean any tools that … Read more

Thinset Vs. Joint Compound (Compared)

Tile thinset mud (also called cement) for a major tiling renovation project during a house renovation.

Thinset and Joint Compound both play critical roles in construction projects. Both have various advantages and disadvantages. If you aren’t aware of what role each plays, you may find yourself using it for the wrong project, which may lead to unpleasant results. Today’s article will define Thinset and Joint Compound and list some primary uses … Read more

Can Expanding Foam Be Used Around Heating Pipes? (Explained)

Cooper pipes of gas heating system in the boiler room

Like duct tape, expanding foam has been hacked in more ways than you can imagine. Initially, its role was to fill small cavities in the wall, especially those that are hard to reach. However, these days, expanding foam can be used to silence noisy metal sinks and quiet the thumps from HVAC vents among many … Read more

DensShield Vs. DensGlass (Compared)

DensShield vs DensGlass

Georgia-Pacific is a renowned company in the construction industry. They make a wide range of quality products for commercial and residential constructions. Whether you need drywall or sheathing products, Georgia-Pacific, abbreviated as GP, has got you covered. Two of GP’s most popular products are DensShield and DensGlass. These two have varying uses. However, they share … Read more

Can You Put Fiberglass Insulation Over Foam Board? (Explained)

Fibreglass insulation installed in the sloping ceiling of a timber house.

Insulation does a commendable job of regulating the heat flow inside a building. If you are dedicated to ensuring your home is well insulated, you may be tempted to put fiberglass insulation over foam board. Even though it’s practical and can help you realize plenty of benefits regarding heat regulation, there are some concerns you … Read more