Sealing Around PVC Pipe Through Concrete (A How-To Guide)

PVC pipe passing through concrete wall

There are many ways you can seal around PVC pipes. You can use epoxy, fiberglass resin tape, silicone, and rubber tape. It’s a pretty easy process. But what about PVC pipes that are passing through concrete? The fact that these pipes are covered makes it more difficult to access them. The good news, however, is … Read more

Can You Crimp Uponor PEX? (Detailed Answer)

Uponor PEX

Uponor is the leading manufacturer of PEX. This brand stands out for making durable and highly-flexible PEX piping that can be used for water distribution in both commercial and residential properties. Whether you are a plumber or a DIY enthusiast who is considering transitioning from traditional plumbing to PEX, one of the questions you may … Read more

P-Trap Too Low For Vanity (Top 4 Solutions & How To Avoid)

P trap

Vanities are a must-have for modern bathrooms. Not only do they make your bathroom more functional, but vanities also enhance the aesthetics. If you have just bought a new vanity, you probably can’t wait to connect it to the plumbing and start using it right away. However, one of the problems you may encounter is … Read more

PEX Stub Out Through The Floor (All You Need To Know)

PEX stub outs

There is no doubt that PEX pipes are better than their traditional copper counterparts. When installing PEX plumbing in your residential or commercial property, you may have to create stub outs. These extended PEX tubes act as a connection point for future plumbing fixtures like sinks, showers, and toilets. In most occasions, PEX stub outs are usually … Read more

Gluing Shower Pan Liner To Concrete (Everything You Need To Know)

Oatey Shower Pan Liner

A pan liner is usually the last layer of defense against moisture penetration in a shower. Even though the shower pan does a commendable job of preventing water from seeping through the concrete substrate, it’s advisable to use a pan liner for additional waterproofing. Installing a shower pan liner is a relatively straightforward process. But … Read more

Can You Run PEX through Floor Joists? (Explained)

Floor joists made of lumber on construction site

PEX is the latest technology in the plumbing industry. Many property owners are switching to these high-density plastic tubes when installing water supply lines because it’s more affordable, sustainable, and acid resistant. Being a new plumbing product, not many people are familiar with its installation process, especially if your project has floor joists. Because of that, … Read more

No Concrete Under Bathtub (Here’s What You Need To Do)


Have you recently discovered that there is no concrete under your bathtub? Are you overwhelmed and contemplating what you should do? Before you panic, you should know that even though such scenarios are rare, they are not unusual. In most homes whose bathtubs were installed during the 1950s and 1960s, the plumbers back then didn’t … Read more

Can You Use Structo-Lite Under Tub? (Explained)


Most tubs need a mortar bed for support. Bathtubs are usually heavy and support a lot of weight. Therefore, you need to create a mortar bed underneath to offer support and also promote some insulation. The best support for a tub is a typical mortar bed. However, there are instances when you may not have … Read more

Can You Use Plaster Of Paris Under Tub? (Solved)

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris, also known as Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate, is a quick-setting plaster made from gypsum. It was named Plaster of Paris because of the wide availability of gypsum in Paris. This plaster hardens when it’s wet, and it does not shrink or crack once it dries. Plaster of Paris is common in construction projects and … Read more

Will Hydraulic Cement Bond To PVC? (Explained)

water pipe pvc plumbing under cement wall in construction site building

A leaking PVC pipe can be very annoying to deal with. However, the good news is that there are several products you can use to stop the leakages. One of the things that you may consider using is hydraulic cement. Due to its properties, the hydraulic cement may seem like an excellent product to use … Read more

Can You Use PEX For Baseboard Heat? (Explained)

PEX pipes attached to the basement ceiling of a home, angled view.

If you own a baseboard heater, you understand the challenges of operating them. There are scenarios where you may consider using PEX on your baseboard heaters. But as a cautious homeowner, you have to confirm if it’s okay to do so. If this question has been lingering in your mind for a while, you should … Read more