Brown Caulk Around Your Toilet? (Here’s What To Do)

Toilet bowl

We can all agree that caulking around the toilet floor comes with many benefits. Not only does caulk secure the toilet to the floor, but it also seals the gap around the base thus improving the aesthetics. However, like all other projects, there are a few things that may go wrong with caulking around the … Read more

Can I Use Polybutylene SharkBite On Copper? (Detailed Guide)

SharkBite Coupling

Polybutylene SharkBite is a transition coupling well-known for connecting different pipe materials. Unlike most couplings, polybutylene SharkBite can be installed without glue, clamps, or soldering. That makes the installation process easy and quick. Another interesting feature is that it’s versatile. You can use it to join polybutylene pipes with PEX or HDPE pipes. But can … Read more

Running PEX Through Studs (Professional Tips & Tricks)

Wood studs

Besides being durable and resistant to corrosion, one of the main reasons why people love PEX pipes is that they are very easy to install. This makes them very popular among DIY folk who don’t have a lot of technical plumbing skills. Though easy to install, if you’re dealing with tight spaces, you may be … Read more

PEX Cinch Clamp Failure (What Went Wrong & How to Prevent)

PEX Crimping Tool

There are many reasons why people prefer cinch clamp connections on a PEX pipe. For instance, cinch clamps are compatible with nearly all PEX tube sizes. Also, a cinch tool is much easier to use in hard-to-reach areas because it doesn’t fully wrap around the PEX tube. These connections also last for a very long time. Besides … Read more

Fixing Galvanized Pipe Thread Leaks (In-Depth Guide)

threaded galvanized pipes

Leaks don’t always happen on the walls of a galvanized pipe. Sometimes, this problem may manifest itself along the threads. If the threads of your galvanized pipe are worn out or the joint isn’t tightly closed, you may notice some leaks. In case you’ve run into the above problem and you’re looking for the best … Read more

Leaky Moen Pop-Up Drain? Let’s Fix It For Good!

Moen Pop-up Drain

The Moen pop-up drain is a pretty nifty tool that can be used to stop water from being drained in a sink. Unlike the traditional sink drain stopper, the Moen pop-up drain is easy and quick to use. All you have to do is push it to open or shut. The Moen pop-up drain is … Read more

Sealing Around PVC Pipe Through Concrete (A How-To Guide)

PVC pipe passing through concrete wall

There are many ways you can seal around PVC pipes. You can use epoxy, fiberglass resin tape, silicone, and rubber tape. It’s a pretty easy process. But what about PVC pipes that are passing through concrete? The fact that these pipes are covered makes it more difficult to access them. The good news, however, is … Read more

Can You Crimp Uponor PEX? (Detailed Answer)

Uponor PEX

Uponor is the leading manufacturer of PEX. This brand stands out for making durable and highly-flexible PEX piping that can be used for water distribution in both commercial and residential properties. Whether you are a plumber or a DIY enthusiast who is considering transitioning from traditional plumbing to PEX, one of the questions you may … Read more

P-Trap Too Low For Vanity (Top 4 Solutions & How To Avoid)

P trap

Vanities are a must-have for modern bathrooms. Not only do they make your bathroom more functional, but vanities also enhance the aesthetics. If you have just bought a new vanity, you probably can’t wait to connect it to the plumbing and start using it right away. However, one of the problems you may encounter is … Read more

PEX Stub Out Through The Floor (All You Need To Know)

PEX stub outs

There is no doubt that PEX pipes are better than their traditional copper counterparts. When installing PEX plumbing in your residential or commercial property, you may have to create stub outs. These extended PEX tubes act as a connection point for future plumbing fixtures like sinks, showers, and toilets. In most occasions, PEX stub outs are usually … Read more