Accidentally Used Mortar Instead Of Grout (What To Do?)

Tiling the Wall

One of the common mistakes that occur during tile installation is accidentally using mortar instead of grout. It’s very easy for one to confuse a bag of grout for mortar, especially if you are not an experienced tiler. If you have found yourself in such a situation, there is no need to lose your mind. … Read more

Not Enough Grout Between Tiles? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Grouting ceramic tiles. Tilers filling the space between tiles using a rubber trowel.

For years, tile installers have had a love-hate relationship with grout. This product adds strength to any tile installation job. It also keeps debris from getting between tiles, and the best part is that it enhances the finish of your tiles. However, grout installation is tiresome and time-consuming. Not to mention the installation process is … Read more

Tile To Ceiling Trim (A Guide To Creating A Smooth Transition)

Bathroom ceiling

There are many reasons why you may be interested in tiling all the way to the ceiling. This design is most common in bathrooms as it makes the space appear bigger. Don’t forget that tiles are also the go-to material for wet environments and are easy to clean. Irrespective of why you want to tile … Read more

Tub To Floor Transition (How To Create A Seamless Joint)

Square Bathtub and shower stall with glass door inside bathroom with tiles on floor. A stainless steel towel rod is mounted on the plain whithe wall.

When installing a tub, it’s normal for there to be a gap between the bathtub and the floor. If you are keen on aesthetics, you will want to cover up that gap because it may look unsightly. For those engaging in such a project for the first time and wondering how to create the perfect … Read more

Sunken Grout Lines (Causes, Prevention Methods & How To Fix)

Grouting tiles seams with a rubber trowel

Most people assume that grout is only used to make tiles look better. Though true to some extent, grout also reinforces the joints between tiles while preventing them from cracking on the edges or moving from their initial position. Due to these benefits, grout is a must-use product in any tile installation project. Most of … Read more

Tile To Drywall Transition Outside Corner (Detailed Guide)

Tiling outside corner

Tiling projects are often easy, especially if you have some experience. However, certain scenarios can be pretty challenging, even for expert tilers. A good example is when you get to the point where you have a tile-to-drywall transition on an outside corner. In the above scenario, the outside corner where the tile meets drywall can’t … Read more

MAPEI Flexcolor CQ Vs. Ultracolor Plus FA (Compared)

MAPEI Flexcolor CQ

Not all grouts are made equally. Some are more durable and aesthetically pleasing than others. Due to the above, when choosing a grout to use in your tile installation job, you must make a thorough analysis. Today, we will compare two popular grouts types: MAPEI Flexcolor CQ vs Ultracolor Plus FA. Both grouts are made … Read more

6 QuartzLock Grout Problems (Explained)

QuartzLock Grout

QuartzLock is a premixed urethane grout made to be used on natural stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic tile. It’s a quart-based grout that is resistant to stains, and household products and doesn’t need a sealant. It comes in a ready-to-use package. Therefore, after purchase, all you have to do is pop the seal and start … Read more

Ditra Not Sticking To Floor (What Could be The Problem?)

Schluter Ditra

Ditra is known to many as the best underlayment for tile installation. As an uncoupling membrane, Ditra prevents the stress and movements of the subfloor from reaching tiles which often results in cracking. Besides the uncoupling features, Ditra is also waterproof and a vapor-retardant. Therefore, you can use it to prevent moisture from seeping into the … Read more

10 Common Premixed Grout Problems (Explained)

Premixed grout

In almost every tiling project, you will need grout. Apart from filling the spaces between tiles, grout also helps create a better finish while protecting the tiles and surfaces beneath from water damage. If you thought that the only decision you had to make was when choosing a suitable floor or wall tile, you’re in … Read more

7 Common TEC Power Grout Problems (Explained)

TEC Power Grout

The Power Grout by TEC is advertised as one of the best options in the market. The manufacturers claim that it has the best color consistency. It is resistant to stains and cracking. TEC recommends using its Power grout in high-traffic and moisture areas. In the description, they also add that it will not discolor easily and … Read more

4 Common Schluter DITRA Problems (Explained)

Schluter Ditra

Ditra is the go-to waterproof uncoupling membrane for tile installation projects on floors. There are many reasons why contractors and DIY tile installers love it. For one, it contains an uncoupling membrane that ensures the floor’s movements don’t affect the tiles. Secondly, it is waterproof. Therefore it doesn’t facilitate the passage of moisture from top to … Read more