Laticrete Vs. Mapei Grout (Compared)

worker with rubber trowel applying white grout on red tiles

Grout has many benefits when used for tile installation. It gives the tiles a better-looking finish while preventing debris from penetrating between and under the tiles. Grout also improves the overall strength of the installed tiles. However, as beneficial as grout can be. You need to know that not all grout brands are made equally. … Read more

Can DITRA Be Installed Over OSB? (Explained)

OSB sheets stacked in a hardware store. Construction material

OSB boards have been used since 1963. Therefore, do not be surprised when you find this material used as the subfloor of your home. OSB, known as Oriented Strand Board, is made of several layers of wood strands bonded using adhesives. On the surface, OSB may look fragile. But it’s pretty strong, which is why … Read more

Can You Skim Coat Over Asbestos Tiles? (Explained)

Asbestos tiles

If the tiles in your home were installed in the 1980s or 70s, there is a good chance they contain asbestos. A few years ago, asbestos was the go-to material for construction projects. However, it was banned worldwide in the 90s when scientists discovered its health risks. For most homeowners, the thought of living with … Read more

Can You Install DITRA Over Linoleum? (Explained)

Linoleum flooring

It’s understandable why you would want to lay DITRA over linoleum flooring. DITRA is one of the most effective uncoupling membranes that come in handy during tile installation. If you have decided to install tile over linoleum, you may have some second thoughts because of how picky tiles are about the substrates they should be … Read more

Laticrete Strata Mat Vs. DITRA (Compared)

Laticrete Strata Mat

An uncoupling membrane is a useful material for any tile installation job. It creates an ideal surface for laying tiles. And provided it’s installed correctly, an uncoupling membrane does an excellent job of reducing lateral stress, which can be transferred to the tiles. There are several uncoupling membranes on the market. They aren’t all built … Read more

Can You Tile Over MDF? (Explained)

an you tile over MDF

Tiles are usually very choosy regarding the materials they can adhere to. Even though experts have devised ways to make tiles adhere to almost any surface, ensuring that the substrate material is structurally stable is vital. Today, we are going to focus on tiling over MDF. We will answer whether tiles can adhere to MDF … Read more