Can You Use Gardz Over Wallpaper Glue? (Explained)


Removing wallpaper glue is tedious and time-consuming. It’s also risky because you can damage the surface if you use a lot of elbow grease and sharp tools. So, what options do you have when you want to paint over a wall or ceiling that still has some wallpaper adhesive residue? Can you use a surface … Read more

4 Common Paulownia Siding Problems (Explained)

Paulownia wood

Paulownia goes by many names in Asia, where it grows natively. It is popularly called Kiri or the Princess Tree. Here in the west, Paulownia is a popular siding material. Homeowners love it because it looks like walnut or Mahogany and is resistant to staining. Most sellers of Paulownia siding also claim that this engineered material … Read more

Can You Stucco Over Slump Block? (Explained)

White stucco texture

Because of their structural diversity and elegance, slump blocks are a common building material. Slump blocks are a type of concrete that is usually removed from the mold before it sets. The slumped design looks great and can be easily combined with other wall systems. You can find slump blocks in a wide range of weights … Read more

4 Common NuCedar Siding Problems (Explained)


A lot of property owners appreciate the traditional look of cedar siding. However, natural cedar has more drawbacks than benefits. That’s why NuCedar is considered a much better alternative. Made using Ex-Cel cellular PVC, NuCedar sidings are milled to perfection. They are known to be durable. And unlike its natural counterpart, NuCedar doesn’t rot or … Read more

Can Tyvek Be Used On Interior Walls? (Solved)


Tyvek has many uses. In the construction industry, Tyvek is used as a house wrap. Features such as being water-repellent, durable, tear-resistant, and breathable make Tyvek one of the best house wraps on the market. For construction purposes, you will often see Tyvek used on the exterior of a building. But can it still offer … Read more

6 Common Resysta Siding Problems (Explained)


A home’s siding has two jobs. First, it makes your home’s exterior look neat and aesthetically pleasant. Secondly, it protects your home and everything on the inside from the elements. While performing the latter task, your home’s siding takes a beating daily. That’s why when shopping for home sidings. You need to invest in a … Read more

Can Tyvek Be Installed Over Foam Board? (Explained)


Tyvek has been around for years, and during that period, it acquired many uses. For example, Tyvek protects materials from water damage in the construction industry. Considering its durability, Tyvek is an excellent choice for almost any project. For homeowners interested in using Tyvek over a foam board, you may wonder if this project is … Read more

Can You Use Kerdi Over DensShield? (Explained)


If you are installing tiles in your bathroom, tub, or kitchen, you will need to waterproof the walls. As you may already know, tiles are not water-resistant and will let water seep through. For an area that experiences a lot of exposure to moisture, waterproofing is crucial to ensure the structures behind do not get … Read more

Can You Plaster Over Green Board? (Explained)

green board drywall

Before drywalls were introduced, people used to plaster over walls. Plaster is a paste made by mixing gypsum and other ingredients with water. When applied on a surface, it hardens into a durable finish. Plaster performs the same task as drywall. They smoothen the surface, only they are more durable and stronger than drywall. Because … Read more

Can You Wallpaper Over Woodchip? (Explained)

A close up of woodchip wallpaper painted with a cream emulsion for use as a texture or background

Woodchip wallpaper was quite popular in the 1970s and 80s. Even though that was decades ago, some homes still have woodchip on the walls. If you have moved to a new house or are renting and stumbled across woodchip, you may be interested in covering it with wallpaper. Installing wallpaper on your walls is an … Read more

Can You Plaster Over MDF? (Explained)


You can do many things to an MDF board, but plastering isn’t one of them. The material of an MDF board doesn’t offer adequate grip for the plaster to adhere to. Therefore, when you plaster over an MDF board, it will eventually fall off, and the repairs will be very costly, especially if you had … Read more

Can You Spackle Over Caulk? (Explained)

Applying spackle compound with a finishing trowel to a ceiling

From a general point of view, caulk and spackle may seem the same. However, these two serve different purposes, and if used interchangeably, you may not achieve the best results. Today, our focus isn’t going to be on the differences between these two. We will be looking into whether it’s possible to use spackle over … Read more