DryGuard Vs. AdvanTech (Compared)

A few years ago, builders and contractors didn’t have many choices when choosing a subfloor material. It was either plywood or OSB. However, fast forward to the 21st century.

We have advanced panels that, when installed as subfloors, can resist swelling, and you won’t hear a single squeak. DryGuard and AdvanTech are examples of these enhanced OSB subfloors and sheathings.

And if you are stuck choosing between these two brands, this article will highlight the differences and similarities so that you can make the better choice.


What is DryGuard?

This is a moisture-resistant and multi-layered OSB subfloor made by Georgia-Pacific Building Products. DryGuard isn’t your typical OSB subfloor. It has been engineered during manufacture to provide unrivaled stiffness and strength to your floor.

Many features make DryGuard stand out from its competitors. Besides being moisture-resistant, the DryGuard OSB subfloor has enhanced nail-holding capabilities.

It comes with a 200-day no-sand warranty. For those of you who aren’t familiar with no-sand warranties, this is a claim by the manufacturer that the OSB floor won’t need sanding because of swelling caused by moisture penetration.

This is a pretty good deal and shows that Build GP has a lot of confidence in their product. This warranty and feature also minimize the time and effort used when sanding OSB floors during installation.

On the edge of the DryGuard OSB joint floor, there is a black edge seal. The purpose of this seal is to prevent the entry of moisture.

That’s why these boards are very resistant to swelling. DryGuard can also be used as a single-layer flooring beneath your carpet.

Another feature of DryGuard worth mentioning is that it creates a flat and stable floor once installed. The installation process is relatively straightforward. Therefore, if you are a DIY builder, you should consider this subfloor material.

DryGuard is available in popular big box stores such as Home Depot. You can also order it online. It also has a limited lifetime warranty.


What is AdvanTech?

It is a superior sub-flooring that is made using ultra-premium resin. AdvanTech boasts remarkable OSB strength, nail-holding capabilities, and, most importantly, it is moisture resistant.

The entire AdvanTech assembly comprises high-density wood that is exceptionally strong and resistant to squeaking.

AdvanTech is DryGuard’s main competitor when it comes to engineered OSB boards. This material comprises a moisture-resistant resin that is applied all over the panels to shield moisture from penetrating.

It is very capable of holding fasteners. And thanks to the groove and tongue profile, installing AdvanTech is quite easy. This feature also ensures a snug fit and minimizes squeaking caused by a lack of edge support.

This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 500-day no-sand warranty. That means that they are very confident about their product’s moisture-resistance capabilities. The best part about this advanced OSB subfloor is that you can install tile or stone over AdvanTech.

You can buy AdvanTech subfloor panels at your nearest Home Depot store. Alternatively, you can visit their official website and find one of their representatives.

Additional benefits of AdvanTech that are worth taking note of is that it has a higher bending strength than the typical OSB.

At the same, it’s way stiffer and more durable. You should also know that AdvanTech flooring has an excellent reputation amongst professional builders. This indicates that it’s one of the best OSB subfloors in the market.

Also, being a product of Huber, you can expect a lot of advanced technology to be integrated within these panels.

If you settle for the AdvanTech subfloor, you should also use the AdvanTech adhesive. These two guarantee a flat, stable, and quiet floor.

How Are They Different?

• Duration of No-Sand Warranty

DryGuard has a 200-day no-sand warranty.

AdvanTech has a 500-day no-sand warranty.

As we all know, a building project takes some time to complete. That means your subfloor will be exposed to moisture and the weather in general for a couple of days.

The most significant difference between DryGuard and AdvanTech is that the latter can stay exposed to the elements for much longer. To be precise, by an extra 30 days.

If you use DryGuard, you must ensure that your project is completed before 200 days. Otherwise, the OSB will start to absorb moisture and swell forcing you to sand it down.

From this difference, we can conclude that AdvanTech can repel water for longer than DryGuard.

• Popularity Amongst Professional Builders

When comparing DryGuard vs. AdvanTech, you will notice that many professional and DIY builders prefer the latter brand. AdvanTech is very popular when it comes to choosing OSB subfloors.

Many contractors and builders believe that it is superior to its counterpart in terms of moisture resistance and performance.

Therefore, if you are interested in the most popular choice between these two OSB subfloors, you should go for AdvanTech.

How Are They Similar?

• Both Subfloors Have a Moisture Resistant Sealant

Even though AdvanTech can prevent moisture entry for longer, both subfloors are sealed to keep moisture away. Whichever option you choose, you will get OSB sealed with a moisture-resistant resin.

• Installation

Both panels are designed to be easy to install. The groove patterns and spacing between the panels are long enough to allow you to snugly fit one panel after another.

• Nail Holding Strength

These two boards are engineered to ensure that nails and fasteners are held for much longer. Unlike tiles and carpets, OSB floors are installed using fasteners or screws, not adhesives.

The woods from both brands are designed to ensure the nails stay in place and don’t pop out, affecting the floor’s stability.

• Availability

Whether you settle for AdvanTech or DryGuard, you can easily find them at a nearby store or hardware. Both products are very popular and widely available. Alternatively, you can order them online.

Pros of DryGuard

• Exceptional moisture resistance

• It’s a high-performance OSB

• It doesn’t need sanding because it prevents moisture from seeping through

• Easy to install

• Widely available

Cons of DryGuard

• The no-sand warranty is short

Pros of AdvanTech

• It’s a popular option for most builders and contractors

• It boasts advanced moisture resistance

• It comes with a 500-day no-sand warranty

• It’s engineered to hold firmly to nails

• It features lots of advanced technology

Cons of AdvanTech

• Slightly more expensive than other OSB subfloors

Which is Better: DryGuard vs. AdvanTech?

DryGuard is an advanced OSB floor with tons of impressive features, such as moisture resistance and nail-holding strength. However, it is no match for AdvanTech.

There are plenty of reasons why AdvanTech is the go-to subfloor brand among many contractors. It comes equipped with more tech and features.

With AdvanTech, you get a 500-day no-sand warranty. That is 300 days more than you can get from DryGuard.

So, if you think your building project will remain exposed to the weather for longer, you should get AdvanTech because there won’t be any need for sanding or dealing with swelling caused by moisture penetration.

Even though AdvanTech has better moisture resistance than DryGuard, we can’t ignore the many benefits you get from the latter OSB panel.

DryGuard can create a flat, stable, and squeak-free floor. You can carpet and install other types of finishes over it. And it’s relatively easy to install.

Before you decide which of these two is better, you need to weigh the features, pros, and cons. After all, DryGuard and AdvanTech also have many similarities.

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