Kerdi Fix Dry Time (Explained)

Even though it’s mostly used to bond Kerdi Membrane and Kerdi Band to various building elements, Kerdi Fix has a lot of uses.

This single component, made out of a saline modified-polymer base, acts as a bonding and sealing compound.

It’s elastic and bonds well to a wide range of materials, including plastic, glass, concrete, stone, metal, and wood. In some scenarios, Kerdi Fix can also be used as a joint-filling compound.

Apart from the many uses of Kerdi Fix, if you have decided to go with this product, you must ensure you install it correctly.

And one of the questions you may have about installation is – how long does Kerdi Fix take to dry? Keep on reading to learn more about Kerdi Fix drying time.


What is Kerdi Fix Drying Time?

Kerdi Fix starts to skin over 10 minutes after application. However, it fully cures after 24 hours. And this only applies to every 3mm of Kerdi Fix applied. If you use thicker amounts of Kerdi Fix, the drying time will be longer.

A lot of people assume that Kerdi Fix has cured when it starts to skin over. But that’s how it was formulated. If you do anything to it before it fully dries, the bonding and sealing compound may not last long. Also, it may become ineffective.

How Long Should You Wait to Work Over Kerdi Fix?

To emphasize what we have discussed earlier, Kerdi Fix has a drying time of 24 hours for every 3mm applied. If you have applied 6mm, you will need to wait around 48 hours.

However, when you go through many building forums, you will notice that people have different opinions regarding Kerdi Fix frying time. Some people believe you can work over it immediately after application or an hour later.

But it’s not recommended for you to work over Kerdi Fix straight away. Kerdi Fix is indeed a pretty strong compound that grabs onto various materials very strongly. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to let Kerdi Fix fully cure before you can work over it.

If you disturb it before it cures, it may not be as strong as formulated. And is that something you are willing to risk?

How Long Does Kerdi Fix Last?

According to the manufacturer, Schluter, Kerdi Fix has a shelf life of 1.5 years. This is for unopened packages stored in a dry and cool environment.

However, once Kerdi Fix is opened, the contents will start to dry according to the above rate. So, if you open the package, you can be assured that it can’t be stored for very long.

Is It Easy to Remove Kerdi Fix After It Dries on Tools?

The easiest way to apply Kerdi Fix is by using a small notched trowel. However, you should not let Kerdi Fix dry on this trowel. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to clean off. Always clean any tools that have been stained with Kerdi Fix while it’s still fresh.

You need to keep in mind that Kerdi Fix, once it cures, can withstand more than 1,000 psi. That means it’s pretty hard to clean once it dries on your tools, and your only option may be to use mechanical methods such as a scrapper.

Please note that it’s not just on tools where Kerdi Fix is difficult to remove once it dries. You will also be in for it if it dries on your hands. Always wear gloves when dealing with strong adhesives like Kerdi Fix.

What Factors Affect Kerdi Fix Drying Time?

Even though Kerdi Fix should fully dry within a day, there are a couple of factors that affect the drying time. If you want to get a more accurate drying time for this adhesive, here are some factors you should observe.

• Humidity Levels: High humidity levels mean that there is more moisture in the air. As a result, such an environment would increase the drying time of Kerdi Fix. If it were to dry fully within a day, it might take at least two days or longer.

When installing Kerdi Fix, make sure that you check the humidity levels. If they are more than 50%, you can introduce a dehumidifier in the room. That should speed up the drying process.

• Moisture Content of the Substrate: Even though Kerdi Fix can be applied on moist substrates, the moisture content can determine how long it will take to dry. Similar to the scenario above, the more moisture a substrate has, the longer it will take to dry.

It’s a good idea to apply Kerdi Fix on dry substrates. While we are still on the substrate, the presence of additional components, such as chemicals and dirt, can also affect drying time. Always ensure that you spread Kerdi Fix on a clean surface.

• Temperature: Kerdi Fix doesn’t do well in extremely high and low temperatures. If it’s too cold or too hot, the drying time of Kerdi Fix can increase significantly. The ideal scenario for applying Kerdi Fix is at room temperature.

• Amount of Kerdi Fix Applied: Earlier, we mentioned that Kerdi Fix dries depending on the thickness of the product applied. The 24-hour period is for 3mm of Kerdi Fix.

If you use a much thicker amount of Kerdi Fix, then the longer it will take to dry. There isn’t much you can do regarding this factor but remain patient.

Is Kerdi Fix Fast-Setting?

Kerdi Fix isn’t a fast-setting bonding and sealing compound. But you need to work it in quickly.

When using Kerdi Fix to bond Kerdi Band with a particular substrate, once you are done spreading the Kerdi Fix, you need to quickly adhere it to the construction material. This help prevents the formation of bubbles that can affect the adhesive strength.

Should you spot bubbles when installing Kerdi Fix, flatten them using your trowel. The Kerdi Fix needs to maintain a smooth surface before adhesion.

Does Kerdi Fix Dry Much Quicker Outdoors or Indoors?

That depends on the environmental conditions in both areas. Kindly refer to the above factors that affect the drying time of Kerdi Fix.

However, Kerdi Fix dries much quicker indoors than outdoors because the weather influences can easily be controlled in the former.

Indoors, you can control the humidity levels and temperature. Therefore, if you were interested in speeding up the drying time, it would be more possible to do so indoors than outdoors.

Are There Complaints about Kerdi Fix Taking Too Long to Dry?

Before we wrap up our review on Kerdi Fix drying time, we need to go through other people’s opinions about this product’s curing time.

You will be glad to know that from the many customer reviews I have gone through, Kerdi Fix is praised for having a quick drying time.

Many customers appreciate how quickly it takes to cure. And they also like how it creates a strong bond with a wide range of materials.

The only complaint concerns its price. Out of the many adhesives you can find in the market, Kerdi Fix is quite expensive.

Some people argue that it is overpriced, but when you compare this against the bonding strength it offers, Kerdi Fix is worth spending money on.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know about Kerdi Fix Afrom the Drying Time?

There is a lot that you should know about Kerdi Fix. First of all, it is weather and UV resistant. That means you can use it outdoors without worrying about anything. It doesn’t have a strong odor like other adhesives and is free of any solvents.

You can apply Kerdi Fix on many construction materials. Besides acting as a bonding compound, Kerdi Fix is also a waterproofing compound.

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