Loctite PL Premium Adhesives: 3X Or 8X? Compare & Decide

Loctite is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of construction adhesives. Their products are known to offer unrivaled bonding strength and durability.

There are two main contenders when it comes to Loctite’s construction adhesives: Loctite PL Premium 3X and Loctite PL Premium 8X.

If you’re finding it hard to choose between these two, in this guide I will be comparing the features, pros, cons, differences, and similarities.

By the end of this Loctite PL Premium 3X vs. 8X review, you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

Loctite PL Premium 3X

Loctite PL Premium 3X: The DIYer’s Top Choice Adhesive

As the name implies, Loctite PL Premium is three times stronger than regular construction adhesives. It can be used in a wide range of applications on both the interior and exterior.

Because Loctite PL Premium 3X is polyurethane-based, it is super strong and can be applied directly to moist or even frozen surfaces.

This adhesive sets in less than thirty minutes and dries within a day, irrespective of the temperature. As if that’s not enough, Loctite PL Premium 3X can be used on a wide range of materials, such as foam, brick, wood, marble, masonry, concrete, metal, and cement.

Loctite PL Premium 3X Key Benefits

• 3X Stronger than Regular Adhesive: This is a clear indication that this adhesive will execute its job to perfection.

• Compatible with a Wide Range of Materials: As mentioned earlier, you can use the Loctite PL Premium 3X on a wide range of materials.

• Weather Resistant: Because it can withstand rain and snow, this adhesive can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

• Low VOC: You don’t have to worry about using Loctite PL Premium 3X in interiors because it emits low VOCs.

• Available in Many Sizes: You can get Loctite PL Premium 3X in 4oz, 10oz, and 28oz tubes.

Perks of Choosing Loctite PL Premium 3X

It’s the best construction adhesive for filling gaps

 Quick curing time

The bonding strength is exceptionally high


It’s very easy to apply

Downsides to Note with Loctite PL Premium 3X

Spills of adhesive are not easy to clean

It costs way more than regular construction adhesives

Loctite PL Premium 8X

Loctite PL Premium 8X: The Professional’s Go-To Adhesive

On the other hand, Loctite PL Premium 8X, also known as FAST GRAB, is a powerful construction adhesive. This bad boy is 8 times stronger than regular construction adhesives. That means the bonding strength is remarkable!

Due to this unique feature, the Loctite PL Premium 8X is often used for holding objects to vertical surfaces without the need for additional support.

Like its counterpart, the 3X, the 8X is also a versatile construction adhesive. You can use it on nearly all materials, ranging from wood to PVC.

Its formula is designed to be long-lasting. And it sets in less than 20 minutes and takes an entire day to cure fully.

Loctite PL Premium 8X Key Benefits

• 8X Stronger than Regular Adhesives: If you think that the 3X has a higher bonding strength, wait till you use the 8X. It is super strong.

• Fast Grab Formula: The Loctite PL Premium 8X has a fast grab formula that makes it perfect for vertical applications.

• It’s Versatile: Just like its sibling, the 8X can also be used on a wide range of surfaces.

• It Can Cure in the Presence of Moisture: Unlike most adhesives that need to be applied to dry surfaces, Loctite PL Premium 8X can dry even in the presence of moisture.

• Available Sizes: It only comes in a 10-ounce tube.

Perks of Choosing Loctite PL Premium 8X

Extreme bonding strength

Super-fast curing time

It is resistant to rain, snow, and UV

It is compatible with many materials

Perfect for versatile applications

Drawbacks of Loctite PL Premium 8X

It’s known to emit some odor when applied to interior surfaces

Comparing the Key Differences Between 3X and 8X

• The 8X has a higher bonding strength than the 3X

The biggest difference between these two construction adhesives from Loctite is that the 8X has a much higher bonding strength. So, if you want a super tight bond, you’re better off with the Loctite PL Premium 8X.

With that being said, the bond of the Loctite PL Premium 3X isn’t as strong as the 8X, but it is way better than that of regular adhesives.

• The 3X oozes better than the 8X

If your objective is to fill gaps, you should stick to the Loctite PL Premium 3X because it oozes better than the 8X. The latter isn’t as “runny” as the 3X, so it’s not the best option for filling gaps.

• The 8X is best suited for vertical applications

Both the Loctite PL Premium 3X and 8X are versatile. However, the 8X is best suited for vertical applications, and the 3X thrives best in horizontal applications.

The reason behind this is the fast-grab formula that the 8X boasts. This formula enables the 8X to create a quick bond between materials that are being installed vertically without the need for additional reinforcements like nails.

• The 8X is more resistant to the elements

The 3X can be used for both interior and exterior applications because it is weather-resistant. However, the Loctite PL Premium 8X has enhanced weather-resistant capabilities.

Therefore, if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, go for the Loctite PL Premium 8X.

• The 8X is pricier than the 3X

Considering that the 8X has a more advanced formula, it’s only fair that its price is a bit higher. So, if you’re interested in the advanced capabilities of the 8X, be prepared to pay more.

3X and 8X Similarities to Keep in Mind

Both Loctite PL Premium 3X and 8X are:

• Made by the same company: Both are part of the Loctite PL Premium construction adhesive series. That’s why they are both polyurethane-based.

• Can be used in interiors and exteriors: Both construction adhesives are approved for interior and exterior use. Both can withstand the weather elements.

• Have a quick curing time: the 3X sets in 30 minutes and the 8X sets in 20 minutes. However, both fully cure within 24 hours.

• Low VOC content: According to the manufacturer, these two construction adhesives emit low VOCs. However, from my research, I have learned that people do report foul odors when they use these two indoors.

• Versatile: Whether you settle for the Loctite PL Premium 3X or 8X, you can use either on a wide range of applications ranging from metal, wood, concrete, cement, foam, and much more.

Loctite PL Premium 3X

Who is Loctite PL Premium 3X Best For and Why?

Here is my professional recommendation on who should choose this construction adhesive and why:

• Projects that require “sufficient” bonding strength: The 3X is ideal for projects that do not need extreme bonding strength.

• Interior projects: Because this adhesive doesn’t have the best weather resistance capabilities, it’s best for indoor applications.

• Projects that revolve around wood: Remember when I said that the 3X oozes better? Well, that makes it a great option for filling gaps in wood.

• Budget shoppers: If you’re looking for a high-quality construction adhesive on a budget, the 3X is an excellent choice.

• DIY Folk: This adhesive is formulated to be effective in handling most DIY construction jobs.

Loctite PL Premium 8X

Who is Loctite PL Premium 8X Best For and Why?

As for the Loctite PL Premium 8X, here is who should prioritize this option over the 3X:

• Outdoor applications: Thanks to the enhanced weather resistance capabilities of the 8X, it will last much longer on outdoor applications that are constantly exposed to UV rays, rain, and snow.

• Vertical Applications: If you want to bond something vertically, for instance, on a wall, the fast grab formula of the Loctite PL Premium 8X will ensure it sticks tightly.

• Heavy Duty Applications: Because of the superior bonding strength of the Loctite PL Premium 8X, you can use it to attach heavy objects.

• Professional Builders: As an expert, your clients expect maximum durability. The Loctite PL Premium 8X can help you achieve that and much more.

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