6 Common Royal Celect Siding Problems (Explained)

In your quest to find the best siding for your home, have you stumbled across Royal Celect? Are you considering buying and installing it?

Before you do, you should familiarize yourself with some of the common problems associated with this siding. Undeniably, Royal Celect is one of the best sidings in the market.

It has a couple of outstanding features and benefits. However, there are a couple of issues you need to be aware of.

Celect Siding

What is Royal Celect Siding?

Royal Celect is a cellular PVC composite siding. It resembles natural wood. Therefore, it looks really good. It is 100% recyclable, so this should be a suitable option if you have a green thumb.

As mentioned in the beginning, Royal Celect has many impressive features. For instance, the fact that it is made out of plastic means that it requires minimal maintenance.

When installed, Royal Celect siding is easy to clean. It doesn’t accommodate the development of mold or mildew. It can retain its finish for a long time because it has high UV protection.

Please note that the Royal Celect siding is available in 15 color options. And the surface of the Royal Celect is scratch resistant.

From this description of Royal Celect siding, it may appear as an ideal siding option. But there are a couple of problems that you need to familiarize yourself with before you buy it.

1. It’s Difficult to Find a Contractor with the Skills to Install Celect Siding

Royal Celect siding is a fairly new product in the market. Therefore, not many contractors are familiar with its installation process.

If you have some experience with sidings, you can testify to how important the installation process is. Because if Celect siding is installed incorrectly, this can lead to many problems in the future.

When you choose Celect siding by Royal, you will spend a great deal of time finding a skilled contractor to install it for you.

Please be cautious of contractors who are willing to install it for you and lack proper training. They will most likely end up doing a terrible job.

Many contractors are not willing to install Celect siding because its installation process is a bit different. Regular siding is installed in the corners first or the trim pieces.

With Celect siding, the panels go first, and then you get to work on the corners as you wrap up. This installation method is relatively new, and very few contractors have taken the time to learn it.

2. There Aren’t Any Long-Term Testimonials

If you are wondering how the absence of long-term testimonials is a problem, let me break it down for you. Royal Celect siding is a new product.

Therefore, not many people have used it long enough to give a long-term testimonial regarding its performance, quality, and durability. Basically, this product doesn’t have a proven track record.

The lack of long-term testimonials makes it difficult for potential buyers to determine whether it’s a high-quality product.

You have to keep this in mind because, unlike other brands, you can’t predict how the Celect siding will hold up in the next ten years.

3. Buckling Due to Interlocking Seams

When you examine the seams of Celect siding, you will notice that they interlock one another.

This design can lead to buckling, especially if you reside in an area that experiences extreme heat. This isn’t a rampant problem because it mainly affects those living in areas with extreme temperatures.

Apart from extreme heat, buckling can also be caused by incorrect installation. This, therefore, takes us to the problem we discussed first. You must find an expert contractor who will fit it correctly.

Still, on the seams, there have been reports that they are susceptible to cracking and pulling apart prematurely.

Celect Siding

4. Royal Building Products Has Trouble Honoring Their Warranty

One of the main selling points of Celect siding is its 25-year warranty. However, Royal Building Products has trouble honoring this warranty.

After going through several complaints on various forums, I have realized that many people who have made claims about this company have been unsuccessful. Some clients have even resulted in hiring a lawyer to help them out.

It makes no sense for a company to offer such a lengthy warranty only for them not to honor it. As you consider buying the Celect siding, you need to be aware that the process of claiming your warranty will not be easy.

5. Vulnerable to Deformation When Exposed to Too Much Sun

If some windows or cars reflect light to your Celect siding, there is a high chance that the affected area will look deformed.

Royal Celect siding claims that it has superior UV protection. Even though the siding can withstand direct UV exposure, it seems highly vulnerable to reflected light.

If you settle for Royal Celect siding, make sure that it’s not in direct contact with a window that may reflect light towards it, especially for long hours.

6. It will Warp If There is No Room for Expansion and Contraction

This isn’t a problem that only affects Royal Celect, but it’s more of a general issue. Warping will be inevitable if you install any siding and don’t leave room for expansion and contraction. You must install the Royal Celect siding correctly to avoid such problems.

Celect Siding

How Soon Do Royal Celect Siding Problems Start to Show Up?

There is no exact duration, but most problems often occur in less than three years. Some homeowners have encountered the above issues as early as two months after installation.

There is no predicting when you can run into the above problems. To be safe, make sure that a certified expert installs the Royal Celect siding.

You can always reach out to Royal Building Products, and they can refer you to their certified experts located in or near your area.

What’s the Most Common Problem with Royal Celect Siding?

The biggest problem with this siding is finding a skilled contractor to install it for you. As you may have seen from the above, most issues stem from improper installation.

Not many contractors are willing to learn how to install Celect siding. Therefore, that has created a shortage of labor. And the worst part is that this isn’t one of the projects that you can follow a DIY approach.

Celect Siding

Should You Buy the Royal Celect Siding?

Even though this siding has its fair share of issues, it’s not all bad. There are a couple of features that make it a better choice than other types of sidings. Some of its advantages include;

• It Needs Minimal Maintenance: Because it’s made of PVC and features interlocking seams, this siding requires minimal maintenance. You don’t have to re-caulk any fibers or glue them together.

• Celect Siding Doesn’t Rot: Because it’s made of PVC, this siding material can’t rot or be affected by water damage. Thanks to the interlocking design, water doesn’t easily pass through.

• It Comes with a 25-Year Warranty: Most people opt to buy Royal Celect siding because it has a 25-year warranty. The problem with this warranty is that Royal Building Products isn’t known to honor their part of the agreement.

• It’s Available in Multiple Colors and Designs: This siding is available in several designs, which all look amazing. No matter how unique your taste is, you can be assured of finding a Celect design that meets your preferences.

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