7 Common TEC Power Grout Problems (Explained)

The Power Grout by TEC is advertised as one of the best options in the market. The manufacturers claim that it has the best color consistency. It is resistant to stains and cracking.

TEC recommends using its Power grout in high-traffic and moisture areas. In the description, they also add that it will not discolor easily and can be submerged in water.

As an individual considering engaging in a tiling project, TEC Power grout may seem like the best brand out there.

However, before buying it, you should read about some of the problems other customers have reported. By familiarizing yourself with the TEC power grout problems, you can determine whether it’s an ideal option.

TEC Power Grout

Common TEC Power Grout Problems

1. It is Too Thick to Apply

One pound of grout should be mixed with 75ml of water. That means for a ten-pound bag of grout. You will need to mix it with around 750ml of water.

If you have been installing tiles for a while now, you will know that such a ratio isn’t reasonable, and the result will be a thick paste that’s very hard to apply.

If you follow the directions provided by TEC on how to mix the grout with water, you will have a hard time getting the grout on the installed tiles. For TEC Power grout to work, you must deviate from the instructions and mix it with more water.

When you do that, the grout can be over-saturated and won’t cure properly. Later, it may come out in the form of a powder.

This is the first issue you will have to deal with. And there is no remedy because if you use too much water, you risk not getting a lasting grout finish.

It’s also important to mention that TEC Power grout has a short working time. It would be best if you were fast after you have prepared the mixture.

2. It is Not Mold Resistant

In their product description, TEC clearly mentions that their grout is resistant to mold. But the truth is that it’s not.

If you check out reviews of their Power grout on most forums, you will find a string of complaints on how mold develops on this grout, especially if it is installed in a bathroom without ventilation.

TEC Power grout tends to change color when mold starts to grow on it. Most of the time, it usually changes pink.

You can get rid of this mold problem using a bleach solution. Always clean the grout with bleach every month, and mold won’t grow.

It’s wrong for a company to falsely advertise that their grout is mold resistant, yet it’s not.

3. Its Self-Sealing Abilities are Doubtable

TEC Grout doesn’t need sealing. Well, at least that’s what the manufacturer says. However, people’s experiences with this grout show that it has to be sealed.

Several reviews claim TEC Power grout easily soaks in moisture. And when that happens, its lifespan is reduced significantly.

Even though TEC can be blamed for claiming their grout is self-sealing, it’s not. During installation, if you use a lot of water, slight cracks may develop in the grout, which can act as entry points for moisture.

You need to be very careful during installation not to puncture holes in the grout.

4. The Texture Turns Rough After a Short While

Another common complaint launched against TEC Power grout is how it turns into a rough texture a few months after installation.

A rough textured grout can affect the aesthetics of the tiles, mainly if used on a kitchen backsplash or bathroom.

There isn’t much you can do when your TEC grout turns rough except to replace it with a superior grouting material.

5. Discoloration

TEC Power grout is also known to turn into a peach or iron-colored stain. For most homeowners, it’s not easy to diagnose whether this is a mold or rust issue.

The discoloration of TEC Grout always seems to happen even after you clean it or seal it. We can conclude that discoloration is inevitable.

6. It’s Not Water Friendly

TEC talks a great deal about how water-resistant their Power grout is. However, that is far from the truth. When this grout is exposed to water, there are plenty of issues that can pop up.

The most obvious is that it begins to disintegrate prematurely. When you add this to the fact that the sealant applied on top is weak, you should avoid installing TEC Power grout in high-moisture areas.

Suppose you notice disintegration too soon. Try and chip the grout with your fingernails. If it comes off, you can remedy this problem by sealing it.

However, if it’s too late, there is no option but to remove the TEC power grout and install something else.

7. Takes Too Long to Cure

If you read more reviews about TEC power grout, you will encounter several complaints about how long it takes to cure in some scenarios.

The recommended curing time for TEC grout is 48 to 72 hours. But if it’s more than three days and the grout hasn’t been cured, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Most of the time, it usually involves using a lot of water when preparing the mixture.

What Do People Think of TEC Power Grout?

The reviews about TEC Power grout are divided. Some people love using TEC because they had a good experience with it.

At the same time, another group has vowed never to use TEC Power grout because of the issues they ran into.

If you are considering using TEC Power grout, it pays off to weigh the pros and cons. And that brings us to our next sub-topic, which touches on the pros of this grout brand.

Pros of TEC Power Grout

There are a couple of positive things about this grout which include;

It’s easy to spread as long as you get the correct mixture ratio with water. Many who have used TEC Power grout agree that it needs more water than recommended. They also mention that it is effortless to spread once it mixes to a correct ratio.

It cures faster than most grouts. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. A grout that cures pretty fast means that you can start using that area in a shorter duration. It’s also a problem because if you don’t work quickly, you may waste a lot of product. TEC Power grout cures within 72 hours.

The other benefit of using TEC Power grout is that it doesn’t require a sealant. TEC Power grout has self-sealing capabilities. So you will not use a lot of time when sealing it.

If applied correctly, TEC Power grout can last many years. This grout can last for more than a decade if used correctly.

As you can see above, TEC Power grout has both pros and cons. It’s up to you to evaluate whether it’s a suitable brand to use in your tile installation job.

Is TEC Power Grout Worth Using in Your Tiling Project?

TEC Power grout costs more than most grout brands. Therefore, one would expect it to be of the best quality. But the bitter truth is that it has several drawbacks you can’t overlook.

If you settle for this grout, make sure that you hire someone experienced with installing it. That’s the only way you can avoid the problems listed above.

If you have doubts about TEC Power grout, you can consider alternatives such as Mapei or BAL Micromax.

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