6 Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold Problems (Explained And How To Avoid)

If you are looking for OSB panels to install on your subfloor, you may consider using Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold.

Edge Gold OSB is made by a reputable company, Weyerhaeuser. And many people love the fifty-year limited warranty that comes with these panels.

These OSB panels boast impressive features such as a proprietary edge seal and self-drain technology. Weyerhaeuser OSB panels also come fully sanded, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish immediately after installation.

As good as Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB panels are, they also have their fair share of problems. This article will address some of the common issues associated with Ede Gold so that you can determine if they are the right option.

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Common Problems Associated with Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold

1. The Width is Smaller than Advertised

A common problem most people have faced with Weyerhaeuser OSB panels is that the size is smaller than advertised.

If you buy the Edge Gold panels that measure 48″ wide, upon arrival, when you measure them, the width will be 47 ¾”. This is a problem that doesn’t only affect Weyerhaeuser. But it’s common in nearly all T&G subfloors.

This may not seem like a big problem, but once you get to installation, you will discover that gaps will be left on the edges.

That means that you will have to buy extra panels to fill the gaps left behind. You won’t use the entire board, and some waste will be left behind.

To avoid such scenarios, if you are yet to buy Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB panels, make sure that you identify the correct width measurements. This will allow you to cut your panels into pieces that fit much easier.

2. Swelling

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB panels feature a proprietary seal that prevents moisture from passing through. But as we all know, no matter the type of treatment an OSB panel is exposed to, it will always swell when exposed to moisture for a long time.

Edge Gold panels are known to swell when they are rained on during storage or installation. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, there is a huge probability that the subfloor will be exposed to moisture.

The good news is that the swelling of Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold can be prevented by storing these panels in a cool and dry area.

Also, installing the roof first before laying the subfloor would be a good idea. This will prevent rainwater from hitting directly on the OSB.

While we are still discussing the swelling issue, Weyerhaeuser has made significant strides in enabling their panels to stand up to rainwater.

For instance, they introduced Self-Draining technology a few years ago. On these boards, you will find holes that are strategically located to drain water.

These holes are also sealed to prevent water from seeping through the board. This technology is available in all-new Edge Gold panels.

3. Squeaking

Living in a home with a squeaking floor is annoying. This is why you must be a step ahead of this problem before it even occurs. Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB can also develop squeaks when it stays damp for so long.

When these panels are exposed to long drying times, the fasteners become loose. This also applies to the adhesive. As a result, the floor becomes squeaky.

When your Edge Gold subfloors become squeaky, you usually have no option but to replace them. Squeaking can be prevented by ensuring the boards don’t stay damp for so long.

You can take advantage of the Self-Drain technology to get rid of stagnant water. Also, if you live in an area that rains a lot, it’s a good idea to invest in a home wrap such as Tyvek. This will keep water away from your OSB floor.

4. Mold

You can expect several moisture problems to creep in when OSB panels are used. Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB panels aren’t resistant to mold. If you expose them to too much moisture, it creates a perfect breeding ground for mold.

If you spot mold on your OSB panels, you should deal with it immediately before proceeding further with the construction.

One of the ways you can do that is by eliminating the entry of water and moisture. You should also plan how you will increase the house’s ventilation.

5. Edge Gold Panels Crush When Exposed to Too Much Force

Weyerhaeuser claims that its OSB panels are durable and can resist damage. However, similar to other OSB floors, these boards crush and crumble when exposed to too much force, such as hammering.

When fitting an OSB panel, there are scenarios where you may want to fit a board into a tiny space. Avoid hammering the board directly as it will get damaged. Always place a block of wood on top of it.

6. Installation of Edge Gold is a Bit Hectic

Compared to other OSB panels, Edge Gold by Weyerhaeuser is more tiresome. This subfloor is thicker and heavier. Therefore, you may need an extra pair of hands to install it.

Secondly, these panels won’t stick to the floor only through nails. You need to glue them in place. That’s additional work.

I should also add that the Edge Gold boards are not very easy to cut. This is another challenge that you will need to overcome with this product.

Is the Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold All Bad?

That’s not true. Besides these few problems, Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold OSB panels aren’t all bad. This OSB subfloor has some impressive features that make it an option worth considering.

For instance, this flooring option has a lengthy warranty of fifty years. This is a guarantee that Weyerhaeuser trusts in the quality of its OSB panels.

The Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold also comes fully sanded. Therefore, after installation, you can be assured of a smooth and uniform finish. We also have to applaud the introduction of the self-draining down pore tech.

Unlike other OSB panels, you don’t have to drill drain holes with the Edge Gold. This technology also prevents mold growth, squeaking, and swelling of the OSB panels. We also can’t forget about the proprietary edge seal, which prevents moisture absorption.

Can You Avoid Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold Problems by Hiring an Expert Contractor?

An expert contractor will use their experience and knowledge to prevent common Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold problems such as moisture damage.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire a professional if you doubt your OSB installation skills. At the same time, the words professional and expert are being misused these days.

Some contractors happen to be self-made and lack the knowledge and resources needed to install an Edge Gold subfloor correctly.

Therefore, you need to be thorough during the hiring process. Always ask for licenses and proof of experience. That’s the only way you can be assured of an error-free installation of Edge Gold.

How Prevalent are Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold Issues?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Weyerhaeuser makes decent-quality OSB panels. It’s just that their panels do have a few issues, most of which can be avoided and prevented.

Regarding the prevalence of Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold problems, I can testify that they are not rampant. If you do more research online, you will discover fewer complaints about Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold.

Also, the biggest problem with this OSB panel is related to moisture. If you can find a way to keep water away from your OSB panels, it should serve you well and for a very long time.

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