Stucco Over CMU Walls (Benefits, Risks, And Application Tips)

Concrete Masonry Units

CMU is an abbreviation for concrete masonry units. It’s commonly known as cinder block, concrete block, and other names amongst contractors. CMU refers to a standard-sized rectangular block that is used for construction. It’s usually made out of Portland cement, water, and fillers. If you are interested in building your residential or commercial property with CMU, … Read more

Stone To Siding Transition (Detailed Guide)

Stone and siding exterior

Using both stone and siding as exterior building materials isn’t something we see every day. But that doesn’t mean such a design can’t enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. A stone and siding design can create contrast and make your home’s exterior stand out. However, if you are considering such a design, you need … Read more

PVA Primer On Painted Walls (Everything You Need To Know)

PVA primer

PVA (polyvinyl acetate) primer is mainly used on unpainted drywall. Unlike other primers, PVA seals the pores on drywall which makes painting easier. It contains an adhesive that allows the paint to stick perfectly to drywall. PVA primer has many unique features and uses. But can you apply it over painted walls? That’s what we are going … Read more

7 Common Allura Siding Problems (Explained)

Allura fiber cement siding

For over 50 years, Allura has been selling fiber cement siding to property owners in various parts of the country. Their fiber cement siding looks attractive, is durable, and is resistant to common issues such as insect damage. If you are in the market looking for new siding, there are many reasons why Allura may … Read more

Durabond Over Paint (Will It Stick?)


Durabond’s high-strength bond and low shrinkage make it one of the best joint compounds for finishing drywall seams. In typical applications, Durabond is often used over drywall, gypsum panels, tape, or beads. But can you apply it over paint? Even though such a scenario is rare, in this article, I will look into the possibility of … Read more

Seamless Shiplap To Tile Transition (A Guide For Homeowners)

Shiplap wall

Initially, shiplap was used to build exterior sidings. However, of late, this wooden board has found its way into the interiors of many homes. That’s because it looks amazing, it’s versatile, and here is the best part; it’s one of the most affordable interior finish materials. Though it’s relatively easy to install, there is one hiccup … Read more

Metal Behind Drywall (What Is It And Why Is It There?)

A man working Builder makes a marking on the drywall for electrical wiring. Drywall construction in a house during renovation

The materials you will most likely find behind drywall are wooden studs, insulation made out of fiberglass or foam, window/door headers, wires, and plumbing pipes. You may also encounter fire blocks and debris. But what if you find metal behind drywall? What could metal be doing behind drywall? In today’s post, I will explore some … Read more