Vinyl Soffit Under Deck Ceiling (Is It Recommended?)

Vinyl soffit

An under-deck ceiling comes with many perks. It allows you to create a functional and comfortable outdoor space. When you build an under-deck ceiling, it will shield you from the sun and rain. It can also enhance the aesthetics of your deck area. There are a lot of materials you can use when building the underside of … Read more

5 Popular DuPont FlexWrap Alternatives (Explained)

DuPont FlexWrap

For years, builders and contractors have used DuPont FlexWrap to prevent the entry of unwanted air and moisture through windows and door sills. Apart from offering protection against water damage, mold, and corrosion, this window flashing from DuPont also significantly lowers HVAC bills while improving air quality. There are many benefits of choosing DuPont FlexWrap. But … Read more

Kerdi Board To Drywall Transition (Detailed Guide)

Kerdi board

When building a shower or a kitchen, it’s normal to come across scenarios where the Kerdi board meets the drywall. For many builders, it can be confusing how you can transition between these two materials. After all, they are all built differently. If you have found yourself in the above scenario, here is an in-depth … Read more

Kerdi Fix Dry Time (Explained)


Even though it’s mostly used to bond Kerdi Membrane and Kerdi Band to various building elements, Kerdi Fix has a lot of uses. This single component, made out of a saline modified-polymer base, acts as a bonding and sealing compound. It’s elastic and bonds well to a wide range of materials, including plastic, glass, concrete, stone, metal, … Read more

6 Popular DRYLOK Alternatives (Explained)


Drylok stands out as one of the best waterproofing products on the market. It can be used as a waterproof sealer on interiors and exteriors. It has a transferable warranty and it does a commendable job of preventing water from seeping through your floor and walls. Drylok is available in a wide range of formulas … Read more

RedGard Failure (Causes And How To Avoid)


RedGard is a liquid waterproofing membrane that’s becoming popular amongst DIY folk and professional contractors. The DIY enthusiasts, however, love using RedGard because it’s super easy to install. Also, RedGard is very popular at big box stores like Home Depot. This wide availability makes it a top choice for many people. Even though RedGard has … Read more

BEHR DryPlus Vs. DRYLOK (Compared)

BEHR DryPlus

Moisture is a big problem for many property owners. Masonry and concrete aren’t always 100% waterproof. Moisture may penetrate from the outside, leading to several issues, such as mold growth, internal damage, and even corrosion. After all, rainwater can contain pollutants that corrode materials within your wall, such as timber. If you are worried about … Read more

Structo-Lite Cracking (Common Causes And How To Prevent)


Structo-Lite, manufactured by USG, is one of the best basecoat plasters in the market. DIYers and professional contractors love using Structo-Lite because of its lightweight and high thermal conductivity. Structo-Lite basecoat plaster is also quite durable and conforms easily to different shapes. It can be applied on many surfaces, such as concrete, gypsum, clay, and metal … Read more

Top 5 RedGard Alternatives (Definitive Guide)


RedGard is undeniably one of the best liquid waterproofing membranes on the market. It is a rapidly drying elastomeric membrane that creates a waterproof surface while preventing cracks on tiles. RedGard is so powerful that it can be used on both interior and exterior floors. However, there are many alternatives to RedGard that are worth … Read more

Kerdi Membrane Over Greenboard (Is It Recommended?)

Greenboard drywall

A few years ago, greenboard was the best type of drywall to use in high-moisture areas such as showers and kitchens. That’s because it features a paper facing which is resistant to moisture and mildew. However, it was discovered later that greenboard isn’t 100% water-resistant. After a while, it would experience water damage, leading to … Read more

DensShield Failure (Causes And How To Avoid)


There’s nothing more irritating than a tile backer board failure. When a tile backer board fails, the entire project is ruined, and you usually have no option but to start again. In today’s post, we will focus on the failure of one of the most popular tile backer boards – DensShield. We will discuss what … Read more

5 Purple Drywall Problems (Explained)

Purple Drywall

Purple drywall isn’t your average wallboard. Even though it has similar features to standard drywall, such as being fire-resistant and able to create flat surfaces on walls and ceilings, purple gypsum board has more innovative features. For instance, it is moisture and mold-resistant. It is an excellent choice if you plan to install drywall in … Read more