Sakrete Flo-Coat Vs. Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer (Compared)

Though strong and durable, concrete slabs are also susceptible to wear. If your driveway or sidewalks has started to show signs of wear, such as cracks, the best solution isn’t always to replace it with a new concrete slab. Concrete resurfacers are useful products that restore the look of your old patio or sidewalk.

If you have decided to repair your concrete slab with a resurfacer, you will have to choose from a vast list of options. Sakrete Flo-Coat and Quikrete are two of the best concrete resurfacers in the market.

Both do a commendable job of rejuvenating a cracked, discolored, and chipping concrete slab. But they are different products, and you can expect them to have varying features.

Today’s post will address the differences between Sakrete Flo-Coat and Quikrete concrete resurfacer. Ultimately, you should be able to choose the option that seems more ideal to you.

Concrete Work

What is Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer?

The Flo-Coat concrete resurfacer is a product of Sakrete, a renowned brand in the building industry. Sakrete Flo-Coat is a pro-grade mix that bonds firmly to concrete. It makes concrete slab repairs pretty easy.

Sakrete Flo-Coat is a flowable product. You can also spray or trowel it depending on which mode of application seems best for you. Apart from repairing a damaged concrete driveway, Sakrete Flo-Coat can also add a decorative finish.

A single pour of Sakrete Flo-Coat can resurface up to half an inch of feather edge. It is ready for foot traffic in 4 hours and vehicle traffic in 72 hours. Once cured, Sakrete Flo-Coat has a strength of up to 4,500 PSI.

Sakrete Flo-Coat comes in a 40-pound bag which is enough to fill as many cracks as you may have in your concrete patio or driveway.

The reason behind Sakrete Flo-Coat’s bonding strength is the presence of fortified polymers within its formula. You also get a working time of 20 minutes which is ideal even for first-time users of concrete resurfacers.

What I love most about Sakrete Flo-Coat concrete resurfacer is that this product is available in different mixes. Therefore, the one you settle for will depend on the repair project you want to work on.

Sakrete has a concrete crack filler for small cracks measuring ¼” deep. You can also get a concrete patcher for shallow damage, a fast-setting cement patcher for deep damage, and sand mix for large areas.

Flo-Coat by Sakrete comes in grey. That’s a bit of a letdown because you can’t finish your floors with another color unless you pigment it. It’s also not suitable for use on stamped concrete.

What is Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer?

It is a unique blend of sand, Portland cement, polymer modifiers, and several other additives. Quikrete is flowable and can be trowelled, brushed, or squeegeed like its counterpart.

Quikrete concrete resurfacer is super easy to apply, and you can use it to repair a wide range of concrete surfaces such as curbs, floors, decks, driveways, sidewalks, and much more.

Quikrete is more popular than most concrete resurfacers because it can last for an incredibly long duration. As long as it’s applied correctly, Quikrete can last up to five decades. Quikrete is packaged in an 80-pound bag. This bag can cover a distance of 90 sq ft.

Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer can accommodate vehicle traffic within 24 hours and foot traffic after only 6 hours. Therefore, this resurfacer won’t significantly interfere with normal operations within your property.

To emphasize what I had shared earlier, Quikrete concrete resurfacer is pretty durable. After a day of installation, it has a strength of around 1,000 PSI. After a month, it reaches a PSI strength of 4,500 PSI. Once it fully cures, Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer can withstand heavy traffic.

Like other concrete resurfacers, Quikrete must be applied on a clean and contaminant-free surface. It’s a good idea to always wash the surface with a pressure washer that can reach at least 3,500 PSI. After application, the Quikrete concrete resurfacer looks as good as new.

However, one of the downsides I have discovered about this concrete resurfacer is that it needs a lot of tools for installation.

Also, the installation process can be a little bit overwhelming for beginners. If you have no idea how to install a concrete resurfacer and want to use Quikrete, I would advise you to hire a professional to get better results.

How Are They Different?

• Exposure to Traffic

Sakrete Flo-Coat is ready for foot traffic in 4 hours and vehicle traffic in 72 hours.

Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer can accommodate foot traffic in 6 hours and car traffic in 24 hours.

Even though these figures may seem close, this is a big difference. Quikrete has a faster drying formula than Sakrete, that’s why it can accommodate vehicle traffic within a day. If you are in a hurry to use your driveway or patio, I would advise you to go with Quikrete.

• Product Variety

Sakrete has around five different variations of their Flo-Coat concrete resurfacer. There is a small crack version. Another one is for shallow or deep damage.

Then there is another Flo-Coat for extensive repair. This wide range of product variety gives you more options in choosing a concrete resurfacer that’s more suitable for your project.

Quikrete concrete resurfacer has no product variations. You only get one formula designed to rejuvenate damaged concrete slabs.

• Depth and Thickness of Cracks Each Resurfacer Can Repair

Sakrete Flo-Coat is formulated to fill cracks that are thicker than two inches.

Quikrete can be used to fill in cracks measuring 1 to 2 inches.

From the above information, it’s clear that you stand a better chance of filling deeper holes with Sakrete Flo-Coat than its counterpart Quikrete. If you have a concrete floor with smaller cracks, you can use Quikrete.

• Popularity

Sakrete Flo-Coat has around 20 reviews on Home Depot and less than 10 on Amazon.

Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer has at least 100 reviews on Home Depot and 13 on Amazon.

Even though popularity doesn’t determine the effectiveness of a concrete resurfacer, it contributes more significantly to credibility.

When it comes to concrete resurfacers, Quikrete is one of the leading brands. It is more popular and has been tried by a lot of people. This is something you should keep in mind when comparing these two products.

How Are They Similar?


After drying, both Sakrete Flo-Coat and Quikrete concrete resurfacer have a strength of 4,500 PSI. That means both options are pretty durable. But the important part here is that you must let them dry first.

• Must Be Applied to Structurally Sound Slabs

Irrespective of whichever resurfacer you settle for, it should strictly be applied on structurally sound slabs. Resurfacers should only be used on minor concrete damage, such as small cracks and dents.

However, if the concrete slab is no longer structurally safe, you need to replace it with a new concrete floor. Neither Flo-Coat nor Quikrete will rejuvenate such a structure.

• Packaging

Quikrete and Sakrete Flo-Coat are sold in 40-pound bags. This amount of product can be used on a 90 sq ft space, which is pretty standard for most driveways, patios, or sidewalks.

• Working Time

Sakrete Flo-Coat and Quikrete concrete resurfacer have a working time of around 20 minutes. Even though this duration is significantly affected by the current temperatures, you should be able to work it on cracks in more than ten minutes. This applies to both products.

Pros of Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer

• Accommodates foot traffic in 4 hours.

• They have a variety of resurfacers for different jobs.

• It can be used to fill deeper cracks.

• Rejuvenates old concrete slabs.

Cons of Sakrete Flo-Coat

• It takes longer to accommodate vehicle traffic.

• It has a short working time.

Pros of Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer

• A popular concrete resurfacing product.

• Perfect for filling small and stubborn cracks.

• Pretty durable and has a PSI of 4,500.

• Available in most stores.

Cons of Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer

• Has a short working time.

• It doesn’t have varieties for small cracks or deep ones.

Which is Better?

Choosing between Sakrete Flo-Coat and Quikrete concrete resurfacer is a tough call because both products have a lot of similarities.

However, if you are dealing with deeper cracks and would like to choose from various concrete resurfaces, I would advise you to choose Sakrete Flo-Coat.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a reputable concrete resurfacer that is also durable, Quikrete is an excellent choice.

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