4 Common NuCedar Siding Problems (Explained)

A lot of property owners appreciate the traditional look of cedar siding. However, natural cedar has more drawbacks than benefits. That’s why NuCedar is considered a much better alternative.

Made using Ex-Cel cellular PVC, NuCedar sidings are milled to perfection. They are known to be durable. And unlike its natural counterpart, NuCedar doesn’t rot or wear out quickly.

If you are looking for a siding material to use in your home, you may consider NuCedar because of its impressive features. But before you buy and install NuCedar siding, you may want to go through the following problems associated with it.


Common Problems with NuCedar Siding

1. It’s Expensive

There is no doubt that NuCedar brings a lot of exciting and better features. However, the cost is one thing that has made many people shy away from this siding material.

Compared to other PVC sidings, NuCedar is on the higher end. The estimated prices are $7 to $12 per square foot.

You can pay from $1 to $6 per square foot for most PVC sidings. When you compare the total cost of buying NuCedar siding for your home, you will spend a significant amount of money.

NuCedar siding isn’t right for you if you are on a budget.

2. Poor Customer Service

If you look up NuCedar reviews, there are many good things mentioned by its clients. However, good customer service isn’t one of them.

Out of the many companies in the construction industry, NuCedar has an unresponsive customer service department.

Any attempts to reach out to their customer reps are often futile. Therefore, you must rely on third parties for assistance if you have an inquiry or a problem.

3. Expansion – Contraction Issue

Another common problem reported regarding NuCedar is the expansion and contraction issue. If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, there is a good chance that the NuCedar will expand or contract separately, and it will look hideous.

Even though this is a common NuCedar problem, there is a way it can be avoided. If you settle on NuCedar siding, you must ensure connected pieces are installed as one. This will ensure even contraction and expansion.

Considering how expensive NuCedar siding is, you shouldn’t hesitate to pay for expert installation. That’s because the installation heavily determines your future experiences with this product.

4. Painting Over the Siding Can Void the Warranty

For anyone interested in the NuCedar sidings, the 25-year warranty can sound like a fantastic deal. When you add that it is transferable, the deal becomes better.

Because once you vacate, the new property owner can also enjoy the warranty. However, this warranty is voided when you paint over the shingles.

As heavy-duty as NuCedar sidings are, they can’t last for more than 7 years without requiring a touchup.

If you are considering the shingles from this manufacturer, you either live with faded sidings after six to ten years. Or you can paint over them and void the warranty.

NuCedar Siding vs. Natural Cedar

As mentioned earlier, NuCedar was invented to replace natural cedar, a siding material with many complications. NuCedar siding is made of PVC. Therefore, it has certain advantages over natural cedar.

First, it doesn’t rot when exposed to moisture and water. PVC doesn’t absorb water. Therefore, there is no way it will rot due to moisture exposure.

Secondly, natural cedar attracts ants and insects. This can be a big problem for homeowners. But that is not the case with NuCedar siding.

As you will see later, NuCedar has many attributes that make it a better siding than natural cedar.

Is NuCedar Problematic?

Other than the above four issues, NuCedar is not a problematic product. We went through hundreds of client reviews about NuCedar; most of them were very positive.

The biggest issue people have with NuCedar is the price. Installing siding in your property is a costly renovation. It’s costly when you use ordinary siding. Can you imagine how much money you will spend when you use NuCedar?

Also, NuCedar requires professional installation, which translates to more costs. If you settle for NuCedar siding, ensure that you have a bigger budget that can accommodate the extra costs.

As for the expansion and contraction issue, as long as the siding is installed correctly, this isn’t an issue that you need to worry about. But as for the warranty terms and customer service, NuCedar manufacturers need to make improvements.

Pros of a NuCedar Siding

It would be unfair to only look at the negative aspects of NuCedar and fail to mention the positives. NuCedar siding has an overall good reputation.

There are certain aspects of this siding material that homeowners have praised. Here are some of the pros of installing NuCedar siding;

• Extremely Durable – The manufacturers of NuCedar describe it as almost indestructible. This siding is made of EX-Cel Cellular PVC.

It is engineered to be exceptionally durable irrespective of the conditions it is exposed to. The NuCedar siding doesn’t rot, and neither does it deteriorate when exposed to moisture.

• Boasts of an Impressive Finish – Even though it may not look like natural cedar, NuCedar has a realistic finish. It is available in 14 different colors and 16 trims. That gives you many color options to choose from that can complement the exterior aesthetics of your home.

• Low Maintenance – NuCedar, out of the many siding alternatives in the market, is the only product requiring minimal maintenance.

It is effortless to clean, and the coating is highly durable. Such a combination doesn’t require the regular maintenance that other siding materials need. It’s worth mentioning that NuCedar is mold resistant.

• Energy Saving – The coating applied on NuCedar reflects instead of absorbing heat. This ensures that you don’t use up a lot of power in mitigating the temperatures coming from outside during winter and summer.

• Recyclable – If you are worried that the PVC alternative of NuCedar isn’t organic. You will be glad to know that it is recyclable.

NuCedar is 100% recyclable, and the best part is that it doesn’t release VOCs. You will play your part in making the world safer when you use NuCedar siding.

Does the Finish of NuCedar Siding Peel?

All finishes on sidings peel eventually. This is a problem that many homeowners face regularly. However, NuCedar is a special breed.

The finish isn’t painted or sprayed like most average PVC sidings. It is baked-on. That means the paint can hold for an extremely long period, no matter the conditions it is exposed to.

Unfortunately, painting over the NuCedar siding voids the warranty. But you can be assured it will serve you for many years before it requires a touchup job.

You can always reach out to customer support if you run into any issues. They don’t have the best customer reps, but you can get their attention with enough persistence.

A pro tip to ensure the finish of your NuCedar siding doesn’t peel prematurely, you can plant trees around your home. This will prevent the effects of UV damage on the finish. Also, deal with cracks as soon as possible. This will prevent water leaks.

Will NuCedar Siding Expanding and Contracting Problem Lead to Moisture Issues?

We have already identified that NuCedar has an expanding and contracting problem. When that happens, there won’t be 100% moisture prevention from the siding.

Moisture can leak into other building materials and cause damage. Though watertight, installing a moisture barrier beneath the NuCedar siding is essential.

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