5 T1-11 Siding Alternatives To Consider

T1-11 siding

The popularity of T1-11 siding in the 80s and 90s was unrivaled. Homeowners fell in love with the natural wood finish that it presented after installation. Today, the popularity of T1-11 siding has declined significantly despite it being cheap, easy to install, and widely available. Most homeowners currently prefer to explore T1-11 siding alternatives that … Read more

New Grout Has Dark Spots? (Here’s What To Do)

Grouting Tile

Apart from filling gaps and acting as reinforcement between tiles, grout is also used to enhance aesthetics. That’s why it’s available in multiple colors. The presence of dark spots on new grouts can be a bit irritating because that’s not the finish you were interested in. But what causes dark spots on new grout lines? … Read more

R-30 Insulation For 2×6 Ceilings (Is It the Right Choice?)

R30 insulation

In some areas, the local building codes require homeowners to have R-30 insulation. That’s great because this R-value is pretty high and the occupants will enjoy better indoor temperatures and the energy bills will be low. However, if you have a 2×6 ceiling, achieving an R-30 insulation is almost impossible. So, if you’ve found yourself … Read more

Can I Use Polybutylene SharkBite On Copper? (Detailed Guide)

SharkBite Coupling

Polybutylene SharkBite is a transition coupling well-known for connecting different pipe materials. Unlike most couplings, polybutylene SharkBite can be installed without glue, clamps, or soldering. That makes the installation process easy and quick. Another interesting feature is that it’s versatile. You can use it to join polybutylene pipes with PEX or HDPE pipes. But can … Read more

DensDeck Vs. DensGlass (In-Depth Comparison)


Just because DensDeck and DensGlass both have a gypsum core, a fiberglass mat facing and are made by one company, that doesn’t mean they are the same. Understandably, a lot of DIY folk and even some professional builders can’t tell the difference between DensDeck and DensGlass. But that’s about to change! In the detailed review … Read more

Stucco On Block Vs. Stucco On Frame (In-Depth Comparison)

Stucco texture of stone concrete wall in the room

Stucco, which was once a popular exterior design in the Mediterranean, has spread all over the world. Many homeowners love its unique architecture, as well as its durability. If you’re interested in having stucco on your home’s exterior siding, there are two choices you’ll need to make – either have the stucco on the block … Read more

5 Quikwall Alternatives To Consider


Quikwall is increasingly becoming popular amongst builders due to its unique properties. First of all, it’s very easy to use, it creates a strong bond between concrete blocks and the finish is quite attractive. One of the main features of Quikwall that attracts most people to it is that it can be used without mortar. That translates … Read more

AcrylPro Tile Adhesive Not Drying? Here’s How To Fix It

AcrylPro Tile Adhesive

Amongst both professional and DIY tilers, AcrylPro tile adhesive is the number one go-to option because of its unique formula and unrivaled bonding strength. That’s not all. This tile adhesive from Custom Building Products is sag resistant and can be used to bond a wide range of tiles ranging from stone to small format tile. It can … Read more

Running PEX Through Studs (Professional Tips & Tricks)

Wood studs

Besides being durable and resistant to corrosion, one of the main reasons why people love PEX pipes is that they are very easy to install. This makes them very popular among DIY folk who don’t have a lot of technical plumbing skills. Though easy to install, if you’re dealing with tight spaces, you may be … Read more

PEX Cinch Clamp Failure (What Went Wrong & How to Prevent)

PEX Crimping Tool

There are many reasons why people prefer cinch clamp connections on a PEX pipe. For instance, cinch clamps are compatible with nearly all PEX tube sizes. Also, a cinch tool is much easier to use in hard-to-reach areas because it doesn’t fully wrap around the PEX tube. These connections also last for a very long time. Besides … Read more